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I'm a PhD student in the Scalable Trustworthy AI group at the University of Tübingen advised by Seong Joon Oh as part of IMPRS-IS's doctoral program. With my research I would like to contribute to researching how technology can benefit humans and society, in particular the field of responsible and trustworthy AI. I believe that AI offers a great potential to improve our lives and contribute to solving issues but technology must not cause or facilitate harms.

Before starting the PhD, I absolved my Master's in Interaction Technology at the University of Twente and my Bachelor's in Computer Science and Management at the Nordakademie. I did my Bachelor studies in a dual study format in cooperation with Airbus, where I also worked for about 2.5 years as an IT project manager for CAD software in waterfall and agile projects.

Currently, I am interested in data attribution as explanations. How do models learn from data and is it possible to root a learned behavior in the training data? How can data attribution best be utilized to empower humans to build and interact with trustworthy models?

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* equal contribution

Studying Large Language Model Behaviors Under Realistic Knowledge Conflicts
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Exploring Practitioner Perspectives On Training Data Attribution Explanations
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XAI in Action Workshop at NeurIPS 2023

A Bayesian Approach To Analysing Training Data Attribution In Deep Learning
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[paper][code][poster][conf page incl. video+slides]

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Pokérator - Unveil your inner Pokémon
Dominique Geissler*, Elisa Nguyen*, Daphne Theodorakopoulos*, Lorenzo Gatti
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Matters that are close to my heart are education, equal opportunity, and the ongoing climate crisis. I am a member of KI macht Schule whose mission it is to bring AI education to local schools in Germany, and Viva con Agua, where we raise funds for WASH (water, sanitation and hygiene) projects in partner countries in the global south. It's a lot of fun and I encourage anyone to try out volunteering!

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